ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Are you a weather enthusiast? Love watching the skies? See if you can correctly guess this WFXR Weather Trivia question!

What time of day is relative humidity typically at its highest?

Did you guess correctly? Look below for the answer:

Relative humidity—which is communicated as a percentage—measures water vapor in the air relative to the air temperature. In other words, relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared to what the air can “hold” at that temperature.

Warm air can “hold” more moisture than cold air. The cooler the air, the less water vapor it can contain. Assuming that the dewpoint does not change, air will have a higher relative humidity if the air is cooler, and a lower relative humidity if the air is warmer.

Generally, the relative humidity will be higher during the early morning hours when temperatures are at their coolest.