Another round of snow mixed with some freezing rain is on the docket for later this week.  The combination of cold air in place and some precipitation on the way will open the door for some snow, rain, and freezing rain Thursday.

Tuesday will be a chilly and dry day with little in the way of weather troubles. High-pressure exits to the north and a Cold Wedge of Air develops up against the Blue Ridge.

Wednesday the wedge is in place and the region of the weather is set for Thursday’s wintry mix. The cold air in place will hold on as long as possible until being overrun by the milder pattern.

With the cold air in place, the overrunning moisture will start out as snow Thursday then transition to some freezing rain then all rain.

The roads will be icy but the rain that follows the icy pattern will help to scour off the ice from area roads, but the trees and elevated surfaces may still have an icy glaze on them.  I expect a similar pattern to what we saw last week.

Friday will be bitterly cold and blustery.  The temps will plummet during the day and snow will blast over the mountains and across the Piedmont.  This will be the coldest period this season and we should stay bitter cold and brisk for the holiday weekend.

Dangerously cold wind chill values are on the way, starting Friday. There is still a lot of fine-tuning to do with this event, but we need to start to prepare for some wintry conditions later this week.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist