Pinpoint Weather: Wintry mix ends tonight, roads icy

Expect to see the mix of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain all taper off by around midnight. There will be a pocket of snow likely to wrap around the back end of this low-pressure cell tonight, so snow still on the table.

The dangerous aspect of the event overnight will be the chance for some icy roads or black ice to develop. This is because we will dip back into the upper 20s tonight and the water left on area roads will likely freeze up. 

Bridges and overpasses will be first to freeze so be alert when exiting a freeway or crossing a bridge. 

The mountain passes will also freeze earlier as it is usually colder in the higher elevated locations. Expect this to be fairly widespread tonight.

Then, that is it for a while.  The mercury in the thermometer will reach the 50s on Monday and the 60s on Tuesday so the round of wintry weather will be a one-and-done.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist