Pinpoint Weather: Warming up this week as sunshine returns to the region

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The early morning clouds and fog have been the result of an easterly flow of air coming in off the ocean.  The cooler air has wedged against the mountains and the warmer air rides over it and generates clouds and traps in the cool air. That wedge scenario is breaking up and now we can look forward to a relatively warm week ahead.

The mercury in the thermometer will be passing the 80° mark this week several times. Today looks to be a bit too cool as the wedge has yet to totally break down, Wednesday through at least Friday should be mild/warm and dry.  Mostly sunny conditions are forecast each afternoon, with a bit of fog to start the area in some of the usual locations (areas near waterways and low-lying regions).  

The mornings will begin on the cool side with a bit of cloud cover but as the day moves along the skies will become mostly clear allowing the sun to do its job…warm the earth.  High pressure will set up camp as well and that too will help warm the region.

Record highs are not really in jeopardy except for Thursday as the record is 86 and the forecast is for the mid-80s.  Friday will be the warmest day of the week, but the record high Friday in Roanoke is 88, may get close but not quite a record.  All this depends on the morning cloud cover and the ability of the sun this late in the year to warm the earth.

Rain is expected to return to the area on Saturday and provide a soaking to the ground.  The rain is not going to linger and once the showers end high pressure moves in and provides us with cooler and dry conditions.

The tropics are on the quiet side this week, the two areas of concern seem to be having a tough time getting organized.

Enjoy the slowly changing colors, this warm up is not going to help much with the brilliant or vibrant color pallet this year. It looks that once again our region will be on the dull side.  Warmer air this time of year does not promote bright colors.

Check out the article on this site by Kara Thompson about the science of the Fall Foliage.

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