A Spring feel to the region this week as the mercury in the thermometer rises to the upper 70s to low 80s early in the week, then middle to low 70s later.  There will be a chance for some scattered showers each day over the next several, but currently, there will not be much in the way of organized rain or storms.

This is the beginning of the Growing Season for the eastern half of the viewing region. This means that if there are any nights that may see the temps dip into the middle to low 30s, Frost or Freeze products will be issued by the National Weather Service. The products are issued to give you advanced notice that some of the young and budding plants may be damaged by a bit of a cold snap.  Preparations to safeguard your veggies and ornamentals should proceed before the night chill arrives.

The date for the Growing Season has been determined by averaging the last freeze of the season over the past several years.  The Growing Season for the Mountains and NRV will begin on May 1st.

As for the weather, a strong line of intense storms will impact the areas in the Mississippi Valley early this week but do seem to break up as the line migrates east. Spotty showers remain past the spine of the Appalachians, but we are warm enough that we may hear the rumble of thunder at times with a few of the showers.

A cold front will organize some rain on Thursday, but currently, the models have not all agreed with this scenario, but this is well out in the future and will be monitored.

April showers will be present all week, off and on, awakening the slumbering flowers for May.

Stay Safe

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist