Pinpoint Weather: Summer heat today, fall feel by Friday

The summer-like feel to the region continues through the middle of the week as very warm air arrives from the southwest ahead of a moisture-starved cold front slated to cross the Commonwealth Thursday evening.  Before that, highs will be in the upper 80s and possibly a few 90s on Wednesday and, depending on the timing of the front, upper 80s on Thursday.

The rain expected will be light to possibly moderate but little in the way of strong storms are on the docket. The bulk of the nasty weather will stay north of the region.

Then there is the big cool down.

Friday will be dry and fall-like as the mercury in the thermometer will only reach the low 70s east and along Interstate 81. The Highlands and most of the NRV will only obtain the 60s for highs.

The large area of high pressure behind the front will keep Fiona well out to sea, so not only are we going to get some significant cooling from the high, but also protection from a Major Hurricane.

Here are the latest coordinates for Major Hurricane Fiona, along with the development of two other tropical disturbances. Eight may become Gaston and our other feature may become Hermine.

Tropical Storm Gaston has developed from TD 8. Should stay harmlessly out at sea.

I also am starting to look at the Foliage Reports coming out now as fall is officially a couple of days out.

Leaves are changing, not all but some, and we are looking at possibly a vibrant year. We had a relatively warm spring and about average rainfall and rather consistent rainfall over the summer limiting any drought situations. I will go with a vibrant year the season, and we are due.

The combination of a warm, wet spring, no summer drought, and warm, sunny fall days seem to result in the brightest leaf color. Warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights tend to produce the best reds.

Stay Safe,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist