(WFXR). The calm and quiet weather we are currently enjoying is about to come to an end as a couple of stormy days are ahead.

Tonight, we are expecting to get some showers and periods of moderate rainfall after midnight that will be the first wave of rain. This batch of rain arrives from the west. Not much more than a good soaking, and the rain is slated to end by mid-morning Thursday.

Thursday night into Friday morning another wave of rain arrives, this time from the south, and will be associated with a rather complex weather system that will bring a few storms to the Commonwealth later Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon the final wave of rain arrives. This round may be more robust than the previous two, and some strong to severe storms may develop.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed the SW corner on alert with a Slight Risk designation for severe storms. The chance for some gusty winds and hail is a concern, also there is a low chance that we see an isolated tornado spin up is also on the table.

This will be updated and fine-tuned as we get closer to Friday.

Roanoke Climatological Report for February 2023:

We had the warmest February on record with an average temperature of 50.1 degrees.  This is the daily high and low averaged together each day yielding the mean or average temperature for the month.

We had several days of warmer than normal afternoons.

We had 0.25” more rain than normal in February, but it should be noted that over half the rain for the entire month fell on the 12th.

Today begins the meteorological Spring. This is based on the temperature cycles with respect to the months of the year. The coldest months are classified as Winter (December, January, February) the warmest months are Summer (June, July, August) and the ones in between are Spring and Autumn. The Astronomical seasons are based on the relationship of the Earth to the Sun. This Astronomical Spring begins on the 20th of March.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist