Little change in the overall pattern again today as the persistent rounds of rain maintain a grip on the region. They are, once again expected to be hit or miss as the overall theme is for waves or impulses drift over the Commonwealth. The Storm Prediction Center has the region in the Marginal and Severe Risk potential today.

The storms will a good deal of rain in a short period of time and that will overwhelm area creeks and streams. Urban areas have been seeing minor street flooding that occurs quickly then drains away. The storms have also been very electric so please be aware of the lightning.

This pattern lingers until at least Saturday but as we get into Friday and Saturday the threat of localized flooding increases. There have been some areas that may not have received much rain while others have seen a deluge of water fall. The flooding concerns come up as the storms, being hit or miss, may be hitting the same areas a bit more than others. Saturated or at least soaked soils will not take much more rain before allowing a fast run-off.

In the hilly terrain there may be some flash flooding, the low lying regions will see what is called areal flooding (meaning an area gets overtaken by rain water). Please be mindful of the rising waters and never drive over a flooded street, you don’t know if the street is even there anymore. Turn around.

Sunday may be the first day in a while with only scattered light rain. Monday looks dry as well as Tuesday. There should be another batch of rain returning on Wednesday, but lets get through the next couple of days on the safe side.

Stay weather aware,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist