Storms have settled down this afternoon and the clouds that came with them have kept the temps down today. That will not be the case tomorrow as the region should be fairly quiet until late in the afternoon or early evening. Storms will fire up in the heat and likely begin in the north then migrate over our Piedmont in around dusk, ending by midnight.

Gusts near 70 mph will be possible along with the threat of heavy rain tomorrow so batten down the hatches once again. Lightning has been very prominent with these storms this week so be aware of that danger. Flooding rains accompany the clusters and or lines of storms so rising waters are also likely.

Then there is still the heat to contend with the rest of the week. High are still expected to be in the 90s in most areas and the humidity is likely to push the “feels like” temps into the upper 90s or even over 100 in some of our eastern communities.

This heat will linger most of the work week along with the stormy pattern. The storms may not be as widespread Wednesday or Thursday but will still be fairly robust with gusty winds, small hail, and heavy rain. Lightning is likely to be present as well.

Stay Safe,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist