The widespread rain showers will not be arriving until late in the weekend but until then we get a daily dose of spotty showers. The steering patterns for the storms over the next couple of days will be light so if an area does get some showers, they may linger for a while leading to the potential for minor flooding.  The spotty nature of the rain Friday will be consistent with our previous two days, then more widespread rain arrives on Saturday.

The rain showers on Saturday will be off and on as there will be some moderate to heavy rain in the early morning hours over the east, then more “regionwide” by the afternoon. There may be a few rogue thunderstorms in the mix, but showery and misty will best define the day.

Sunday begins the overly wet period along with a chance for some stronger storms. A front will migrate in from the northwest and interact with the front already in place that came in from the south. The end result will be widespread rain and a few thunderstorms.  

More of the same on Monday as the pattern stalls out for a couple of days. Flooding will be a concern as the steady nature of the rain will take effect. Keep an eye on rising waters in your area. Although we did get some sun today and a bit Friday, there has not been enough of drying out period so the rain will runoff quickly Sunday and Monday.

Look for the rainy pattern to taper off as the week moves along, but we are not expecting much of a dry period as there may be off-and-on rain through Wednesday.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

There is a system near Central America that may kick out into the Bay of Campeche Friday and develop some tropical characteristics. Slight chance of that happening with the data available now, but will be updating when more info arrives.