Rain showers off and on today will taper off overnight. There should be some pockets of fog and mist returning to the area tonight as the warm air rides over the cooler air.

Friday will be another wet and rainy day with periods of rain and much cooler temperatures. The rain will be fairly widespread and steady, but mainly light to moderate. Flooding concerns are not very high as the region is able to handle this event.

Often times in the winter months, the ground is frozen and the rainy days that we have experienced this week will not soak into the ground leading to a better chance for runoff and minor flooding. We are not frozen, so the ground is able to soak up a decent amount of the rain.

Saturday a cool wedge of air arrives and we will be mostly cloudy and cool. Light rain and drizzle are expected.

Sunday will see the return of the widespread rain once again, generally before noon. Still expected to be light, therefore we are not expecting any widespread flooding.

Monday starts a period of dry weather.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist