Today the rain will taper off and the region will be in between two weather events. The first was the mix of freezing rain and cold rain defining the day, the next will be associated with a bitter and fast-moving arctic cold front.

The fast-moving arctic cold front will arrive and bring some snow preceded by some light rain. The snow will be short-lived so only about an inch at best will accumulate. The issue will be the quick drop in temps that may allow any leftover water from the rain-to-snow event to freeze on some of the roads. This may cause some travel issues Friday morning, afternoon, and into the evening.

Several Advisories for wind and wind chill values are posted.

More significant will be the gusty winds. The winds are expected to be in the 40-mph range, therefore with the temps in the 20s and teens, we will see “feels like temps” well below zero Friday night and into Saturday morning. These are dangerously cold wind chill values so make sure to bundle up if you must go outside.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be dangerously cold, so be careful and follow all the rules we have been laying out for you with respect to cold weather preps.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist