Pinpoint Weather: Rain today, more tonight and Sunday, ending with some snow Monday

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Rain has been needed for quite some time and today we got some early and we will get some more off and on throughout the day. The rain last night was what I referred to as round one. The next batch will be a bit more robust. This was the radar at around 9:30 Saturday morning. What I have been calling Round 1.

This next event, we will call it round 2, will also begin in the west and move east overnight. As was the case with the Saturday morning line of rain, this too will have the elements necessary to develop gusty winds. This line may be a bit more active and the Storm Prediction Center has mentioned that a few isolated tornadoes may develop. Once again, this is being mentioned with a very low probability of becoming realized, but the chance is not zero. The timing of the line is late Saturday into Sunday morning.

There is yet one more line of showers to contend with and that will be in the afternoon of Sunday and linger into the early morning hours of Monday. This event, round 3, will be developing from an area of low pressure along the coast that will throw back some moisture into the cold air in place. This will be the last in the series this weekend. The temperatures over the weekend are going to remain relatively to near-record warmth but this final round of rain will be interacting with much cooler air in place. North winds will gust Monday morning.

The line will begin as rain and end as a mix of snow and sleet. Then blustery winds follow and the winter season that has been delayed for so long will be here. The amount of snow will be tough to call since there will be little accumulation as the ground is nowhere near frozen. The possibility of a “Flash Freeze” is possible since the temps will drop dramatically, so icy bridges and overpasses on secondary roads are a good bet if that occurs.

The skies should clear early Monday and the cold and windy scenario will be in place. Lows Monday morning will be in the teens in the mountains and the 20s at lower elevations.

Here are some “end of the year” stats to enjoy today.

25 out of 31 days above normal in Roanoke as far as the high temperature vs the normal high.

Well below normal rainfall this month, not too bad for the whole year, but we have been dry for two months now and the November and December deficits add up to 4.47″

No surprise, 2021 December was the second warmest on record with respect to average high temperature. Take the high each day of the month…add them up and divide by 31, do that with the low temps. Add the results together and divide by 2 and you have the average or mean temperature for December.

This is the information for the warmest average high temperature for the month of December. Add up the highs for every day, divide by 31, and there ya go. This information was taken from the National Weather Service site listing the top ten extremes.

Happy New Year.

Stay Safe,
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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