Just as we were recovering from the wintry mix of rain, snow, wind and temperature drop we received Monday, today we get another round of snow.

This snow event will be much more “typical” or “classic winter snow storm” since we are already cold and the snow will fall mainly as snow and not with a few hours of rain beforehand. The amounts will be varied, but the general thoughts are that the bulk of the snow will fall in the mountains.  There may not be much accumulation east of Highway 29 in our Piedmont and some indications are that we may not get much east of 81. 

But all our major interstates will be impacted by the snow so travel will be a concern. 

Make sure you are stocked up for the weekend, some areas may lose power and the other aspect to this storm will be what comes in behind the snow, cold air and some wind.

When we look back at this snow day, we will see the 2 – 5” spread out over the western portions of the region, but there is another issue. The real danger, other than the travel, will be the bitter cold air slated to follow on the heels of the snow.  Temps on Friday morning will be in the teens and some single digits and the WNW winds around 20 mph will make it feel sub-zero in some mountain locations in the NRV and Highlands, the single digits along 81.

Remember to tend to your pets, keep an eye on your neighbors and stay off the roads if you can.  Also, there is a threat for some icy roads so keep that in mind when planning any travel this weekend.  Mainly bridges and overpasses (elevated roadways) will see the ice, but black ice is possible in the mountains as the snow melts in the sunshine and water crosses the switchbacks.

Friday will be windy and bitter cold to start as mentioned above. I expect to see a decent amount of sunshine both Friday and Saturday and Saturday morning will be even colder than Friday, but with less wind.  Lows or actual temperatures are teens and single digits across the board. Stay bundled up and don’t expose much skin to the elements.

Saturday stays sunny then late day clouds arrive. Warmer air arrives in time for another round of precipitation. Sunday will be much milder as the air ahead of the next round of precip will be in the 40s to 50 so this third round of precip this month should be mostly cold rain, with some snow in the mountains on the back end.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist