(WFXR). The last full week of February will be a bit of a challenge to forecast due to the variety of weather on the way.  There is going to be a massive warm-up culminating with record highs on Thursday regionwide.

Wednesday will be a breezy and mild day with highs in the upper 60s.  Expect to see a mix of clouds and sunshine along with a rogue shower north of Roanoke-Lynchburg before sunrise.

On Thursday, an area of high pressure will be in place off the coast to the Carolinas and be in just the right spot to give us a very warm surge of air from the south and west. This will be out ahead of a cold front, which will cool us quickly after the warm-up so do not get used to the summer temps, it will be chilly over the weekend.

Friday will be cooler, but still above average and there may be some robust winds at times. 

Saturday does look interesting as there is a chance for a bit of a wintry mix of sleet and rain early in the day. Cold rain will be off and on during the afternoon as temps struggle to get above the mid-40s.

Warmer pattern returns for Sunday.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist