Muggy and warm pattern to take hold of the Commonwealth as the high pressure cell overhead shifts to the east. The location of the high will be in just the right spot to import moisture from the Atlantic and provide the region with some rain.

The rain will be more spotty on Friday but we will be able to notice the “muggy factor” in our air. The heat will be about normal for this time of year, hovering around the upper 80s to low 90s but the humidity will be on the oppressive side. The normal pop and drop storms can be expected to be present in the afternoons over the holiday weekend.

There will be another player introduced into the weather game this weekend as well and that feature will aid in the development of a bit more widespread stormy pattern Saturday and Sunday.

A cold front drops in from the Ohio Valley Saturday and should stall out over Northern Virginia. With the moisture riding in from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend there will be ample moisture available for afternoon showers and storms that may lead to localized flooding.

Each day will see stormy conditions over the weekend but the more widespread rain is likely to be Sunday. The Fourth will have the same type of pattern, but might not be as widespread.

The weekend will not be a washout, but you need to keep the rain gear handy.

Stay safe,
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

Also the tropics continue to stay active.