Pinpoint Weather: Rainy pattern ahead, flooding concerns mid-week

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Rainy conditions are expected over the next couple of days as the region will be impacted by two separate weather features. The first is the remnants of Nicolas, the former hurricane that made landfall about a week ago in Texas, and the second will be a cold front.  The rain will start early Tuesday and be confined mainly to the NRV and western Southside locations.  The fact that the moisture is tropical in origin means that it will be fairly robust but the bulk of the heavy rain will hold off until the front approaches.

The second feature, a cold front, will interact with the moisture in place and provide the ability for the rain to fall a bit more intensely.  This will be a much more widespread rain event and the flooding concerns are fairly widespread in our area. The focal point of the heavy rain is rather large, extending from the western Piedmont, Henry County to Bedford County, and from there off to the mountains. The amounts of rain have been estimated in the 2 – 4” range for our area by the time all is said and done early Thursday morning.  

To compound the forecast equation there will be a wedge of cold are setting up over the Commonwealth. This is a pocket of cooler air that migrates in from the east and or the northeast and dams up against the mountains.  This will help to keep us mostly cloudy until the front scours out the cool air from the ocean and replaces it with cool air from the northwest. Bottom line is that the timing of the rain may be pushed back a few hours in the NRV. There will also be some spotty rain showers Monday through Tuesday away from the NRV as the wedge may generate a few rainy pockets.

Temps will be in the 70s most of the week and into the weekend as the clouds from the wedge and the rain will limit the heating power of the sun. The front will pass Thursday and dry and cool air from the northwest will keep us cool and dry over the weekend. 

Fall Begins on Wednesday at 3:21 pm, the Autumnal Equinox, as we start the astronomical autumn.

Stay safe,

Chief Meteorologist.
John Carroll

Tropics are active with two Tropical Storms, but neither are expected to impact the United States directly.

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