The region will be dealing with a persistent pattern of precipitation, but the type of precipitation will be different from time to time and location to location.

Expect to see a mix of sleet, rain and freezing rain over the Highlands tonight and Wednesday morning. Snow is likely to stay north of the viewing area, but close, so if you are traveling toward Charlottesville, prepare for some snow showers at times.  The regions south of Interstate 64 will have to deal with a cold rain.

There is the chance for a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain Wednesday morning around the Lynchburg area, but that will more than likely be a cold rain. Still worth mentioning that there is a chance for some icy travel early Wednesday near the Hill City.

Thursday will be another rainy day, but the rain will be arriving from the south this time. That means early in the morning, at the advent of the rain event, there may be a line of light freezing rain (icy) ahead of the days rain. This will not accumulate much and get scoured out quickly, but again, worthy of mentioning the issue.

Friday brings back the sunshine, but a colder and brisk pattern. Look for highs around 40 on Friday and the low to middle 30s on Saturday.

FYI: Thursday is Groundhog Day. If Phil sees his shadow, he gets scared and hides in his burrow for six more weeks, if he does not, he hangs out for a while and we may see an early spring.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist