Rain showers ending tonight, but the winds will be picking up and there is a chance for some patchy ice in some high elevations where the temps drop below freezing

Possible Black Ice on bridges and overpasses as the wet surfaces freeze. There may not be many icy areas as the winds pick up and assist the drying-out process.

The cold pattern continues the rest of the week and into the weekend as temps are more reminiscent of January than November. Mountain areas may still see some snow, but for the most part, the region should dry out.

A windy pattern will be no surprise since we are acting like winter already with the temperatures we might as well see the usual wintry brisk winds. Not overwhelming, but noticeable.

Do what you can to winterize your house and vehicle. it is not just a little taste of winter, we are sitting down to a full meal.

Stay safe,

John Carroll