Flooding will be an issue over the next several days as the region is tapping into a good deal of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Atlantic. Rainfall has been robust when it arrives and the rainfall totals have been impressive.

There is a Flood Watch for most of the region into the night and I expect to see this pattern continue into the short work week.

The rainy pattern is aided by a stationary front just to our north and that has been corralling the moisture into the Commonwealth. The stalled front effectively blocks the flow of moisture north and allows the mountains to squeeze out all the rain it can and deposit it over our area.

This will persist through at least the middle of the week, even though the front dissipates, the rainy pattern remains.

Estimated rainfall amounts are impressive, so make sure to keep an eye on rising waters in your area. When the rain is falling, it will be intense, so the creeks and streams will rise fast. The ground is saturated from the rainy pattern so the rain will not get absorbed by the soil, but rather run off quickly. Flooding and Flash Flooding are likely.

Not much sunshine this week.

The Topical Atlantic is active, but the good news is that even though we are expecting two hurricanes, both will be well out to sea. Danielle may hold together long enough to impact Europe, which would be a rare event.


Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist