Pinpoint Weather: Passing showers start the weekend, trending cooler into next week

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The weekend may be here but showers will likely ruin any outdoor plans.

Foggy conditions during the morning will lift a bit through the morning, though some showers with patchy fog will still be likely as we continue through the day on Saturday.

Highs will continue to be above average with the upper 50s in the mountains and the lower to mid 60s elsewhere.

Showers will continue into Saturday night. We can’t rule out some snow mixing in overnight in the higher elevations as lows fall back into the 30s in the mountains and into the 40s further east.

We’ll also notice the winds kicking up a bit across parts of the region.

Where winds will be lighter, some foggy conditions will also be possible tonight.

Rain and/or snow showers will still be possible in the mountains early on Sunday with any lingering rain showers exiting throughout the rest of the region during the morning. Some sun will be likely as the afternoon hours continue on Sunday.

NW winds will be noticeable but shouldn’t be overly significant.

Highs will likely happen during the morning (40s in the mountains and 50s further east). By the afternoon, we should have temperatures in the 30s in the mountains and 40s east of the Blue Ridge.

Next week is trending dry and cooler.

Monday looks sunny with highs in the 40s over much of the region.

Tuesday (the first official day of winter) does look a tad bit milder with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s in the mountains and lower-to-middle 50s in the east.

We’ll keep temperatures around that range into the end of next weekend with sunny to partly cloudy skies.

So, those of you looking for a white Christmas this year, won’t get your wish.

Gary Boyer

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