The pattern will be complicated as there are a few independent forces at play in the region. There is an area of low pressure along the Gulf Coast that is slow to move. An area of high pressure that will help a weak wedge to develop. Blocking the moisture from the south.

The area of low pressure will meander over the region Gulf Coast States until late in the weekend and give us more rain by late Saturday and through Sunday.

There are also two hurricanes in the Atlantic that, although will not impact the United States, they still slow down any normal west-to-east progression of storms. 

The forecast is calling for a mix of clouds and sunshine and some stray showers Thursday. This will be the start of the wedge setup and will generally be a period with low rainfall amounts and low clouds.

Friday looks to be a dry and variably cloudy day as the pattern will be in between the rainy pattern. 

This should last only one day as rain from the low in the South will migrate north. This may be late in the day as the progress is not too well defined, but the overall thought is that the rain is expected late Saturday and will linger off and on through Monday.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist