Heat and humidity return and are expected to linger into the weekend. Not quite as humid as we have seen recently but it will be noticeable. The mercury will be in the middle to upper 80s Friday and Saturday and will get to 90 on Sunday so expect to be dealing with very warm to hot conditions for a while.

The air is very moist thanks to the stormy weather Wednesday night and the chance for us to see a decent amount of fog tonight is good. The moist pattern is contributing to the muggy feel to the region as well so there should be some hazy sunshine on Friday and Saturday as well. Highs both days will be in the middle to upper 80s.

A rogue thunderstorm is not out of the question in this type of weather scenario. The sun heats the ground, the ground heats the air, the warm air rises with all the moisture in it, gets high in the sky where it is cooler and we have some condensation leading to some clouds that may lead to an isolated thunderstorm. Another way to say that would be we may see a few pop-up storms on Friday and Saturday.

The heat and humidity will be present on Sunday as well, in fact, the temps will be a couple of degrees warmer. Highs Sunday should be close to 90. A cold front is approaching from the west and will help to scour out the heat and humidity. The timing of the front is still in question, but the current forecast looks like a late Sunday approach followed by a Monday crossing. Rainy and stormy weather will accompany the crossing.

Stay safe,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist