Into Sunday night, a few showers or thunderstorms could still linger into the early-evening hours but overnight, we should be mostly dry under variably cloudy skies.

Lows will likely drop back into the mid and upper 60s for most, though the Danville area might see lows drop back into the lower 70s.

As far as next week goes, we’ll be under a repetitive pattern as low chances for showers and thunderstorms each day will be in the cards. Most areas will likely remain dry but any storms that do develop will likely drop very heavy rainfall.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed the Highlands and into parts of the NRV in a Marginal risk for severe storms Monday into the afternoon and lasting into the overnight – especially into the Highlands. The Slight risk category is knocking on the door of northern Pocahontas and northern Highland counties.

Starting on Monday, we’ll see temperatures climb into the 80s in the mountains and the 90s east of the Blue Ridge.

Monday night into Tuesday morning, though, models are hinting at a possible derecho forming in the upper midwest that could drop down into Virginia. It’s something that we’ll be watching closely.

By Tuesday, most locations will be in the 90s – possibly flirting with 100 degrees into parts of Southside. Wednesday’s temperatures will be similar to Tuesday’s.

Into Thursday and Friday, we may lose a few degrees but we’ll still likely be in the 90s east of the Blue Ridge – maybe some mid and upper 80s in the mountains.

Next weekend is looking dry as a cold front will push through the region. After this happens late Friday or early Saturday, we’ll notice a drop in the humidity as highs fall back into the 80s for most of us.

Since this week is looking hot and humid, there are some things to keep in mind. The first, is if you’re spending a significant amount of time outside, be sure you’re drinking plenty of water and be sure you have plenty of sunscreen available. Frequent breaks should also be taken if you are taking part in physical activity.

Also, remember to check the back seat of your vehicle so you don’t leave your precious cargo back there. Temperatures inside of a vehicle that isn’t running can quickly climb to dangerous levels, so leave other valuable items back there as an added reminder to check before you walk away.

During the week, as temperatures climb, the heat index will also be at dangerous levels. The heat index is a “real feel” temperature that combines the heat and the humidity. During each afternoon in the week ahead, the heat index could climb into the upper 90s to the lower 100s.

I’ll have more on this building heat tonight on WFXR News First at Ten.

Gary Boyer