The dry and chilly pattern will still be part of the forecast for both Thursday and Friday as the region braces for the remnants of Ian. Currently, Ian is moving over Florida and causing significant damage, the forecast track Ian brings the remnant low to Eastern Tennessee and SW VA by late Friday night or early Saturday morning. But to be clear, the track continues to shift significantly and will be updated several times before the weekend.

Bottom line for the weekend is that we need to prepare for about 2 – 4” of rain from a Friday night through Monday. This is not a lot of rain for a three-day time period, but it will be accompanied by some gusty winds and that may be the issue with this event.

Winds will generally be from the NE and then the East as the remnant low exits to the coast. The low may cross the area from west to east slowly, which may increase the potential for heavier rain in the region, but for now the forecast is looking like more of a windy weekend with some rain rather than a rainy weekend with some wind.

Monday will see some lingering rain showers, but nothing overwhelming. Partial Clearing and cool conditions are on the docket for Tuesday.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist