The remnants of Ian are impacting Virginia with bands of heavy rain at times along with very gusty winds.

As the day moves along the rain will migrate north this afternoon but some lingering showers are expected to contribute to the 1 – 3″ of rain that fell overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

There will be a steady dose of wind as well this afternoon. The rain may be tapering off to showers but the winds will still be a bit aggressive and robust. Gusts near 30 mph are still possible through the afternoon and into the overnight hours into Sunday.

Thousands of folks are without power as we start the first day of October. The rain saturated the soils and weakened the root systems, then the winds blew numerous trees over in the area last night. At one point over 100,000 customers in Virginia were without power.

Here is the latest Futurecast forecast for the precipitation:

Here is the latest Futurecast forecast for the wind:

Here are the Futurecast rainfall totals:

Here is the Storm Track of Ian:

Ian will be moving along now, but some wind and rain will linger. Ian made landfall three times this week, once in Cuba, once in Florida, and finally on Friday in South Carolina.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist