The remnants of Ian will begin impacting Virginia as early as Friday afternoon. Rain will fan up into the Commonwealth from North Carolina and overtake the region before sunset.

Rainfall amounts will vary greatly but pockets of very heavy rain are likely to develop. There is a threat of localized flooding as the rain will easily overpower some of the smaller streams and creeks. Flash flooding is a concern as the hilly terrain will allow the rain to runoff quickly.

There will be a steady dose of wind as well from the Northeast at around 15 – 20 mph and gusting to near 45 at times.

The chance for tree limbs or whole trees to fall on power lines is possible, so there may be numerous power outages.

Here is the latest Futurecast forecast for the precipitation:

Here is the latest Futurecast forecast for the wind:

Here are the Futurecast rainfall totals:

Here is the Storm Track of Ian:

The time is now to get your plan in place, flooding is very likely this weekend and the rain is expected to continue off and on for the entire weekend. May not take much rain on Sunday or Monday to get the flood waters flowing again.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist