Just want to start off by saying there were no record highs broken or tied on Friday. Not expecting any today either.

However, the heat is on today once again as the mercury in the thermometer is likely to hit the 90s again today east of the Foothills.

There will be a decent draw of heat from the south and southeast over the weekend that will also pull in some moisture for some afternoon storms. Today will see a few storms that will percolate in the afternoon sun. Some of the strongest storms will be east of the region Today.

Expect to see the same type of pattern on Sunday but with a bit more moisture to bring into the Commonwealth. Sunday should more widespread showers and storms as not only will there be more moisture available to churn up, but a cold front will help force some of the rain out as well.

The models above don’t show much, but there may be more of a robust rain event Sunday than indicated.

Temps will still be hot on Sunday even with the clouds later in the day. If you are heading out today or Sunday, make sure to follow the rules of summer when it comes to staying safe in the heat.

And if you plan on working in the yard, it would be wise to work earlier in the day.

The heat is a little early in the season for most of us, so it may take a few by surprise. Here are the hot numbers for the region today and tomorrow, with a cooler scenario set up for Monday.

Stay Safe and hydrated this weekend,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist