(WFXR). The noticeable haze in the sky is a result of the Canadian wildfire smoke drifting south in the winds high in the sky.  The small particles in the sky are reflecting some of the sun’s rays and filtering the sunshine to a hazy grey-to-orange hue.

The smoke will continue to be present in the sky until there is a shift in the upper wind flow.   That may be before the end of the week.

There is also some rain that will arrive in our southern-tier counties Wednesday. That should be able to scour out anything that is at the lower levels of the atmosphere, but the high-level haze may return Thursday. You can see a bulge in the smoke as the rain arrives from the northwest and west.

There is an air quality alert for North Carolina while the rest of the viewing area is generally in the moderate air quality range.

Expect to see dry conditions after the rain exits Wednesday evening. High pressure is forecast to park overhead into the weekend.

The next chance for rain is not until late Sunday or possibly even Monday.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist