(WFXR). The haze is showing signs of clearing as the area of low pressure over New England is finally shifting to the east. The fires are still going to burn, and there still will be smoke, but the feature that has brought the pollution to Virginia is moving away.

Basically, the smoke gets picked up by the high-level winds and transported to whatever direction the winds are blowing. Granted, these are winds that are high in the sky, but eventually, gravity does its job and the small particles of soot and ash and the like, make it to the surface.

As for the forecast, our Saturday brings with it plenty of sunshine, although some filtered through the haze, it will still be dry.

Sunday suggests that we will see some rain showers arriving by the late afternoon time frame. My belief is that the rain will hold off until around sunset.

Monday the rain will be off and on, and we will be a bit cooler as a result.