The strong storms that pushed through Thursday and Friday have exited the viewing area and the weekend will be looking dry and warm. We have not seen the sun all week, and Saturday will bring us plenty. Enjoy the sunshine, we earned it after several days of dreary and misty weather.

The Storms Friday possibly produced a tornado in Bedford County, it will not be official until the National Weather Service sends out a survey team to cipher the damage. They need to determine if the damage was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado. Tornadoes pick up debris and relocate it in a circular or radial pattern, straight-line damage will be items that are pushed over, and all in the same direction.

This is what we saw on radar from the storm early Friday.

The radar image indicates little with respect to the rotation of the storm, so we look at another source, the Debris Indicator. This recognizes objects in the air that are not round, like a raindrop or a hailstone, and it is displayed in yellow on this slide. This shows us that sticks or trees or parts of homes are lofted into the air. That would show that there may well have been a tornado on the ground in Bedford Friday at 7:25 am.

As for the rest of the holiday weekend, it should be quiet. Highs are expected to be in the 60s in the highlands, the 70s in the NRV, and the 80s in the Roanoke Valley and Piedmont.

The area of low pressure that churned up all the storms over the past few days will exit to New England by Sunday. Warmer and drier air will be in place for the first part of the weekend.

Memorial Day will be the warmest day of the weekend with plenty of sunshiene.

In fact, all of our viewing regions will be dry, quiet and warmer.

Stay safe,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist