The dry conditions are expected to be brief as rain is already back in the forecast for Sunday. So, enjoy the sunny and warm, not hot, weather today. If you have any plans to take care of some yard work or just take a stroll in the neighborhood, today will be better than Sunday.

High pressure to the north of the region will be the reason for the dry air arriving in the Commonwealth, with a cooler feel as it will arrive from the north.

But as the weekend moves along the high shifts east and opens the door for some rain to arrive from the northwest on Sunday afternoon or evening.

Rainfall amounts will be on the light side with less than an inch being measured at any one location. There may be an area that has some heavy rain that is slow to move and may register a bit more in the bucket, but for the most part about a half inch in the west to nearly nothing east of the 220 corridor.

So, the bottom line is that there will be a lovely day today, and some rain is slated for late Sunday.

Following the weekend there will be some stormy weather in the area Monday with some storms being strong to severe in the NRV. But that is a while away. Enjoy a nice day today and prepare for the return to the rainy pattern starting Sunday.

The difference with the rainy pattern next week is that the temps will be on the cool side.

Stay Safe,
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist