High pressure is over the New England area and has been very effective in keeping the region dry and warm. The flow of moisture from the south and west has been slowed by the presence of the dome of air referred to as high pressure. This feature will be moving and that opens the door for some changes.

Saturday the high shifts off the coast and will position itself over the western Atlantic. This location will allow the flow around the high to tap into some moisture from the ocean and give us some partly cloudy cover. The rain chances are very low except over the NRV and Highlands where the mountains may ring out some rain, but not much.

The chance for us to see rain increases slightly on Sunday as a cold front slowly moves in from the west and north. This will help give us some rain and an isolated storm, but nothing widespread.

Labor Day does seem to be the wettest day of the Holiday Weekend as the showers and storms will be enhanced by the front. This front will give us rain, off and on, all day so keep the rain gear handy.

The front stalls and sags over the Commonwealth Tuesday so rain chances continue. This feature erodes and dissipates Wednesday and we should be looking a some dry and quiet weather for a day or so, but more storms and rain are likely next Friday.

The Topical Atlantic is getting interesting again. We have our first hurricane of the 2022 season in the Atlantic basin. Tropical Storm Danielle has increased to Hurricane Danielle and will be meandering in the northern Atlantic over the weekend.

Also, we are keeping an eye on what may become Earl by the weekend and another wave off the coast of Africa has moved west and is showing signs of development.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist