The Commonwealth will be in the clear for a couple of days as an area of high-pressure drifts overhead.

Tuesday will be mostly sunny and dry as the region finally gets a couple of days with decent sunlight. Don’t get too used to it, there will be some rain returning to the area on Wednesday night.

Wednesday should start out sunny, but as the day moves along the skies fill up with clouds. The rain is currently expected overnight into Thursday and may mix with some freezing rain around sunrise Thursday.

Freezing rain is rain that freezes on contact and generates an icy glaze on surfaces that are colder than 32°.  The air temps are usually just above freezing, hence the liquid precip, but the ground and the trees may be below freezing.  That will get the water to turn to ice on contact. This is the worst type of wintery precipitation, ice. Coated tree limbs may crack off, roads very slick, sidewalks slick, nothing is very good about freezing rain.

The location of the freezing rain is not widespread, it will be confined to the Interstate 64 corridor and points north. Traveling north on 81 past Lexington Thursday morning may see some delays. Traveling west on 64 from Lexington may also be a problem.

Plenty of time to fine tune the forecast between now and Wednesday night, but enjoy the sunshine, the rain returns shortly.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist