Pinpoint Weather: Dry and mild start to the weekend

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The main feature over the weekend will be the temperature readings that we take. 

The highs on Saturday will be in the upper 60s to low 70s allowing for more wildfire danger as the region is starved for some rain.  The parched earth along the leaves and sticks and pine needles (all referred to as ground litter by fire specialists) will be vulnerable to wildfire growth. Please be careful with all ignitable elements (cigars, cigarettes, campfires etc.) that may start a fire. Although the winds have relaxed there is ample reason to believe any fire that begins will spread rapidly in the dry conditions. No beneficial rain is expected until the middle of next week.

Sunday will be a partly to mostly cloudy day as the area gets ready for some light rain on Monday. Winds pick up a bit ahead of the rain on Sunday as the clouds also become more prevalent in the sky.  The temps will be a bit cooler due to the cloud cover and more than likely will be about normal for early December with highs in the low 50s. There will be some robust rain to our west Sunday, but as it crosses the Cumberland Plateau as well as the Alleghany Mountains the robust nature of the rain will be diminishing. By the time the moisture crosses into the Commonwealth of Virginia it will be little more than light rain or drizzle. 

Monday will be mild again ahead of the rain and the chance for the area to get back into the 60s is likely. The light rain comes with a cold front and the front should pass by the middle of the day, but early enough to warm the region.

Tuesday is going to be mostly cloudy as cooler air filters in from the northeast. This cool air will push up against the mountains and a weak wedge of cool air will develop. This will be instrumental in the forecast for Wednesday as we may see some freezing rain in Rockbridge, Bath and Highlands counties in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday.  Icy roads and ice on trees is what that means, so we should be alert for that scenario of it occurs.

Rain on Wednesday may be the type we are looking for, with soaking characteristics and steady in nature. Not really a drought buster but it will help. Unfortunately some models are keeping the bulk of the rain to the south and east of our area, so the rain is not a guarantee, but then again, when is there ever an guarantees in the world of weather.

Of Note: the Grindstone Fire on Pilot Mountain (often referred to as the Pilot Mountain Fire) was 90% contained as of last night. Updates to follow as 100% containment is expected soon. Remember, containment doesn’t mean the fire is out. The fire behavior of the incident is being categorized as smoldering with poor smoke dispersal.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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