The winds will be relaxing as the night moves along but the chilly pattern is here. Earlier this week we nearly hit 70 in some of our Southside locations (Danville was 67 on Wednesday) but that will not happen for a while.  Temperatures are now a bit more like January than April.

There will be an area of high pressure over the Commonwealth Saturday and we will enjoy a quiet and dry day. The temperatures will be in the middle to upper 40s and a few low 50s, so more wintry this weekend.

Sunday will see the return of some rain and there is going to be some frozen or almost frozen precipitation mingled in with the shield of showers.  Cold rain is how the day will be best described, but overnight into Monday we may see some pockets of freezing rain over some of the ranges west of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Snow will be likely late Sunday through a good part of Monday in our western counties (generally west of interstate 81). There may be some travel trouble on 77 and 64 Monday morning so you will want to keep an eye on our forecast updates this weekend.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist