The weather pattern is on a dry and cool scenario with highs today in the upper 60s to low 70s and plenty of sunshine.  This is a result of the cold front that provided the rain on Sunday and was quickly followed by dry and cooler air.  This pattern will continue once again on Wednesday but with a few more clouds. 

Thursday looks to be dry as well with a noticeable uptick in the wind.  Highs will still be on the cooler than the normal side as highs hover around the middle to upper 60s as high pressure brings in the cool air from Canada.

Friday is the day of transition as we will start to notice the clouds fanning in from the south and the winds picking up a bit. This is all out ahead of what will be left of Hurricane Ian. Ian will still be well south of the Commonwealth, but the high clouds will lower and thicken as the day moves along and rain is expected to arrive along the NC/VA border around or just before midnight.

The rain may be heavy at times and the winds will be gusty in the 20-mph range.

Saturday will be rainy most of the day as the tropical moisture arrives. Tropical rain showers tend to produce a lot of rain at times so there is more than likely going to be some localized flooding and flash flooding.

The rain will linger off and on through Monday with the amounts generally totally about 2 – 4”. The region will be able to handle that fairly well, but if there are some areas where the heavy rain persists, we need to be prepared for flooding.

If you live in a flood-prone region, this would be the time to go over your plan, practice it with your family, and be prepared for anything. There may be some power outages as well, so prepare for that as well.

The leaves are still on the trees so the winds will have a good opportunity to crack off some limbs if they get heavy enough and the winds blow hard enough.

Temps this week and into next week will be well below normal.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist