The air is very dry and the sun is dominating the sky today, but that all will be changing as we head into the weekend.  Tonight, high clouds arrive from the west and will lower and thicken as the day moves along Friday. The dry air in place will not allow for much if any, rain to make it to the ground tomorrow, but it will prime the atmosphere for some scattered showers over the weekend.

Scattered showers are more likely early in the day Saturday then continue off and on into the afternoon. The temps will be on the mild side, and a few degrees below normal so other than the wet roads and gray skies, Saturday will not be too bad. Mainly soaking rains with little fanfare.

Sunday looks to be similar to Saturday with temps slightly milder. Off an on rain will be a bit more prevalent, but no where near a washout. Keep the umbrella handy Sunday, but you don’t need it all day.

Monday may be another dry day with temps popping up into the low 80s under mostly cloudy skies. We should see 80s each afternoon to start the new work week along with showers and a few thunderstorms from Tuesday until Thursday.

Stay Safe

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist