Don’t expect to see much sunshine over the weekend as a wedge of cool air butts up against the mountains and clouds should be the main weather feature. High pressure to the north will allow cooler air off the Atlantic to arrive settling in against the mountains.

Warm air will be riding over the heavier and cooler air generating a decent level of cloud cover starting late Friday and lasting through the weekend.

Rain is not expected in the region until Monday, but we may see some light showers speckle the NRV late Sunday. Overall, the best chance for widespread rain is Monday.

Those of you who are going to escort your little ones around the neighborhood Monday evening may want to grab some rain gear to stay dry.

So, it may be best to head through the neighborhood over the weekend if you can. A Rainy pattern begins late Sunday and lingers into Monday evening.

The cool pattern will not last long as we are expecting to see temperatures back in the 70s by the middle of next week.

Stay safe,
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist