Not much in the way of sunshine this week as the region will be locked in a pattern of wet and cloudy conditions. There will be little change in the overall pattern for the next few days as showers and a few storms will push over the region periodically. A batch of moderate rain is expected overnight then off and on rain for the next several days.

High temperatures will be much cooler than normal as the area will be dealing with a wedge of cool air overhead. The flow of wind will be from the Northeast and that usually translates into a cooler air mass and a good deal of low-level clouds and mist. This pattern will see little variation other than a bit of a warm-up on Wednesday through the remainder of the week. The chance for rain is likely to be off and on as showers mingle into the mix.

Normal highs for this time of year are in the middle to upper 80s, but all week the mercury in the thermometer will be in the 70s and low 80s.  Lack of sunshine has a fairly large impact on the heating process, so this week’s cloudy pattern will keep us on the cool side.

The threat for flooding is possible with all the saturated soils, but the rainfall is not going to be overly impressive this week so the region should be able to handle the water well. A bit more aggressive rainy and stormy pattern is possible over the weekend, and that is when we need to be on guard for the possibility of flooding.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed portions of North Carolina under both a Marginal and Slight Risk for Severe Storms today, which will occur if the sun breaks out. Although the Commonwealth has merely a sliver of the Marginal Risk over Southside along the border, we should still be alert for a rogue storm to progress north sometime today.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist