Wednesday will have our peak heating of the week as the pattern will change to a cooler and cloudy scenario Thursday.

Expect to see the temperatures top out in the upper 60s to low 70s Thursday as the low off the coast of the Carolinas moves near the beaches. The flow of air will arrive from the Northeast tonight and Thursday before shifting to the a more easterly fetch on Friday.

The rain chances increase Thursday in our Southside locations as the low drifts inland, but the rainfall totals will be light. The biggest change will be in the temperatures as the mercury hovers near the 80° mark today, then the 70° mark Thursday and Friday.

The rainy pattern will be defined as scattered or off and on this Friday but a bit more widespread on Saturday. Some thunderstorms are possible Friday, but more likely Saturday and more robust on Sunday.

Sunday will be the warmer day of the weekend and therefore pose the larger threat of strong storms. There may be a little sunshine early in the day Sunday which will help the heating process and consequently the percolation process.

Scattered and lingering rain is likely on Monday.

Stay Safe,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist