The rain showers are clearing the region as expected and being replaced by dry air ushered in by gusty winds.  Highs today were achieved early in the afternoon but will plummet tonight below freezing.

High pressure arrives and keeps the area dry and clear for the next couple of days before moving east.  The pattern will best be defined by cold nights and chilly days.

The winds will be moving at around 15 – 20 mph and that also means that the wind chill values tonight may be bitterly cold.  Lows in the teens and 20s west of 81 means that feels like temperatures could dip into the single digits or even below zero for a short period.

Friday looks quiet and dry with winds relaxing, so we hope to see you out at the Salem Christmas Tree Lighting and Parade Friday evening.

Sunday will be nice too, so I hope to see you out at the Lynchburg Christmas Parade as well.

Stay Safe
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist