Storms will be clearing the Commonwealth tonight and yield to a much cooler pattern. Highs on Wednesday will be significantly cooler than our upper 80s of Monday as they should stay in the 60s most locations.

The cold front that passed through has left the cooler air along with some breezy conditions. Winds will be arriving from the NW at around 15 – 20 mph at times and we may see gusts near 30 through at least Wednesday evening.

Look for the cooler than normal pattern to linger into the weekend as highs will stay in the upper 60s to low 70s each of the next few days.

Rain is not expected to return in widespread fashion until Sunday, although a few passing showers are possible in the NRV Friday. The rain over the weekend may begin late Saturday but at the moment most indications are that rain is more likely Sunday than Saturday.

So, we start the month of May off with rain and it looks like the rain will linger through at least Tuesday.

Stay safe
Chief Meteorologist
John Carroll