Cooler pattern heading toward the weekend with the mercury in the thermometer only rising into the 60s most locations. The winds will be relaxing as we head into the overnight time frame but temps will be allowed to drop quickly with less wind and clear skies.

Also, there is a chance for temps to be below freezing in Rockbridge County tonight for long enough to damage young and tender vegetation. A Freeze Warning is in effect until 8 am Thursday morning. Protect your new plants if you can tonight.

Growing season doesn’t start in our western counties until Sunday, so Freezing or Frost products are not issued in those counties…even though it is going to be much colder tonight.

Thursday will be a pleasant day if you like sunshine and cool conditions. Might be a nice day to have lunch outside, since your napkin won’t blow away as the winds will be much less.

The cool air will stick around through the end of the week and into the weekend but the dry pattern will not. Clouds will move in late on Friday and there may be a passing shower in the NRV Friday late in the day.

Over the weekend the area looks to battle with some light rain. There should be some rainy conditions in the west before sunrise Saturday, then some light showers will migrate east in the early afternoon. Sunday looks to be mostly cloudy and there should be a better chance for some widespread rain. This will be beneficial to the newly budding plants and trees.

So, we close out April on a cool note and start the month of May on a wet note. There is a chance for rain from Sunday, May 1st, through at least Tuesday or Wednesday.

Stay Safe,
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist