Sunday’s temperatures are climbing higher compared to Saturday’s but still remain a few degrees shy of what’s typical in terms of highs for mid to late January.

Temperatures in the 40s this afternoon will drop back into the 20s across Southwest Virginia overnight.

While most of the region will remain dry Sunday afternoon, a few snow showers can be expected across the higher elevations of southeastern West Virginia with some light accumulations possible across the western slopes of Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties. There’s a small chance a few light snow showers and/or flurries may make it farther eastward into parts of Highland and Bath counties Sunday evening.

As temperatures climb higher above freezing compared to yesterday, we’re seeing more snow and ice melting across the region. The water you see on roads, bridges, sidewalks, and parking lots this afternoon will likely turn to a thin, transparent layer of ice overnight. This thin layer of ice is often difficult to see. Keep in mind if the pavement looks wet late tonight into early Monday, it could be black ice.

After a frigid start with icy spots possible on roads and sidewalks early Monday morning, temperatures will rebound during the afternoon into the mid to upper 30s in the mountains and low to mid 40s east of the Parkway for highs. Monday, we’ll stay dry under a mix of sun and clouds.

Monday night into Tuesday, another cold front will head in this direction. However, despite cloudy skies, moisture looks to be limited and so the chances of precipitation, overall, are low. However, a few showers can be expected with most areas remaining dry under cloudy skies.

The type of precipitation that falls depends on the timing of the frontal passage. For now, it looks like the front may move into our westernmost counties bordering the WV/VA state line during the morning, bringing a chance for a few snow showers. Again, moisture will be limited, so not everyone in this part of our region will see snow. The front will likely continue eastward at a time when most are seeing their temperatures climbing to above freezing, resulting in a chance for rain. In some spots, the rain may mix with a few flakes.

While most stay dry Tuesday with the passage of the front, we’ll all notice a drop in temperatures behind the front. Wednesday turns windy and colder with highs about 10 to 15 degrees colder than Tuesday’s.

Another opportunity for snow in parts of the region may return Friday. If a system to our south passes close enough, it will help bring more moisture into the area, resulting in a better chance for snow showers for more of the region.