Heat persists into the weekend

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Temperatures top out in the 90s for the next few days

This persistent pattern of heat will continue into the weekend with little relief in sight as we head into next week.  Our daily highs will be in the 90s east of the Foothills and in the mid to upper 80s most NRV and Highland locations.  The threat of storms is possible each day as the heat percolates the atmosphere, but the best chance for isolated storms will be in the mountains.

The mountains help to lift the air flowing along the surface and as the air lifts it cools and condenses into clouds.  If the clouds get full enough with water, it rains.  The rain chances in the lower elevated locations will be due in part to the daily heating of the ground.   As the ground warms it heats the air molecules that come in contact with the earth, those air molecules warm and rise.  As they warm and rise, they cool in the upper levels of the air and condense and become part of a cloud.  Again, if the cloud is full enough with moisture, it will rain.  If it has a lot of friction from the molecules moving around inside the cloud there may be lightning from the static electricity.  Anyway, nothing is going to be very organized, more isolated and pop up in variety.  We have a better chance of rain and storms in the mountains than east of the Parkway.

This will be the case all weekend.

Stay hydrated and safe this weekend.

Stay safe.

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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