Winter is upon us, in fact, the meteorological winter is already here. The WFXR weather team has put together a program the will help you deal with the harsh winters that have become more the norm than the exception.

The program tells you how to stay safe this winter, how much snow is expected, is this a La Nina Year and what does this mean for this winter.

We have stories about:

Winter traffic issues along I-95 in January 2022

How to keep your pets safe in winter

Farming in the Winter

And a special story on how the Mill Mountain Zoo prepares for the hard winter months.

How does the staff secure the animals that are not used to cold climates, and what to do with those that are used to the wintry weather.

We added some Folklore surrounding winter, like Wooly Worms and Persimmon seeds for you to enjoy as well.

Our half hour special is presented by our staff of Meteorologists with your safety in mind.

Enjoy the special and have a safe winter season.