(WFXR) — This winter season (2021-22) is expected to be a La Niña scenario and that has an impact on the long-range forecasts. To understand where the long-range forecast comes from, one has to understand what La Niña or El Niño is all about.

Very simply, El Niño and La Niña are directly related to the water temperatures off the west coast of South America near the Equator. Warmer than normal ocean water temperatures are classified as an El Niño pattern, cooler than normal ocean water temperatures are designated as a La Niña. Evaporation rates and wind flow are impacted by the cooler or warmer waters, and that impacts the weather patterns in the western hemisphere directly.

This year, the waters are expected to be cooler than normal, so it will be a La Niña scenario.

But what does that mean for Virginia? It means less moisture for our region as well as warmer than normal temperatures this winter.

If you are a fan of snow in Virginia, you might get disappointed this winter season. If you like the mild and dry winters, La Niña is for you.

Full details of the expected winter forecast in the video player above.

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