(WFXR) — As a way to raise awareness and keep people safe, the National Lightning Safety Council established National Lightning Safety Awareness Week in 2001.

This program was designed to keep you safe, informed, and educated about one of the most underrated killers with respect to weather; lightning. Since it was established in 2001, U.S. lightning fatalities have dropped from about 55 per year to less than 30. The organization says the reduction in fatalities is largely due to greater awareness of the lightning danger, and people seeking safety when thunderstorms threaten.

During National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, our team of meteorologists here at WFXR News will give you safety tips to keep you safe when lightning is present. Remember, when you hear the roar of thunder you are within range of being struck.

“The mission of the National Lightning Safety Council is to promote lightning safety through education and awareness. The council consists of lightning safety professionals working to save lives, prevent injuries, and protect property from lightning.”

The National Lightning Safety Council

For more information about how to keep yourself safe check out the Lightning Safety Council website.

Stay safe, stay informed, and when thunder roars, go indoors.