Plenty of sunshine and heat


Hot weather through the rest of the week

High pressure is in control of the region and as a result we are going to be dealing with plenty of sunshine and heat.  The sunshine will obviously be a direct contributor to the heat.  There is a bit of humidity in the air so we are also going to have to deal with the “feels like” temperatures.   There may be a few stray showers over the mountains before the end of the week, but for the most part a relatively quiet pattern is in store for the area.

As for the Feels Like temperatures, it is a complicated equation that factors in the ability of your body to cool itself.   In other words, how much energy is expended by our core to keep us at 98.6°.  Most of it has to do with the evaporation rate and our perspiration.  Evaporation is a cooling process and we sweat to achieve that cool down.  The evaporation rate is based on the amount of moisture in the air relative to the temperature.  If there is a good deal of moisture in the air and it is hot, the evaporation rate is slower and it takes us longer to cool down as the sweat takes longer to evaporate and pull heat from our bodies.  If the evaporation rate is slowed by the amount of moisture in the air, then it takes more energy by our core to cool down.  In a vacuum, the cooling process uses 50 calories to keep us cool at 80 degrees, 60 calories to keep us cool at 85 degrees.  If there is moisture added to the equation, then it will take 60 calories to keep us cool at 80 degrees so the feels like temperature is 85 (technically I made up those numbers but it does illustrate the point).

We will be hot this week, but our feels like temperatures are not expected to go into the triple digits, but it will get close.

Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks if you work outside, limit your activity as much as you can. 

Stay safe.

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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